Wednesday, November 27, 2013

TV stand, Take 2

Remember when I made that TV stand? You know, this one?
She saved me!
And I said it was too small? Well, I always had this bigger piece in mind. It's a dresser that i got from my grandmother's house. It was sitting in the garage under various odds and ends. So I drug it home and took it apart. No reason something like that shouldn't be put to good use.

Where are we? I've been in that dusty garage for so long - oh, we're in… another garage?
Then I proceeded to sand every surface down to the bare wood, discard two of the drawers (not really, they're going to become bookshelves) and make a huge pile of sawdust. This piece was excellent quality and really in good shape, so I decided to stain most of it.
Notice the huge piles of sawdust on the floor? Got tracked all through the house too. 
I got a can of navy blue spray paint at Bart's Barn, and took a crack at the hardware with it. It ended up looking kind of black in the pictures, but it's a gorgeous deep navy blue. Trust me on this. And then I painted the uprights and the shelves mustard yellow. Insert shelves, drill a hole for cords in the back and Voila! TV stand.

Ready for movie duty, sir!
Here, have a cute picture of my furry sidekick for good measure.

I've pretty much finished up my closet makeover. I'll try to get that one on the books soon. For my next trick, I will do a kitchen makeover for under $1000. Hopefully. Here's a teaser trailer. 
Look it's a plan! She's finally learned to make plans and not just design in her head!