Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wall mounted lid organizers

Now ever since I've made my pot rack, I've wanted a way to store my pot lids so that I could completely clean out my former "pot cabinet."  After some research I found several very ugly industrial looking solutions. I figured I could improve upon them.

My grandmother died several years ago, and my mom has not gotten around to dealing with most of her possessions.  So whenever I need something furniture-wise I tend to go mining in her house.  I found exactly what I was looking for.  A huge painting of ducks. Some stiles from Bart's Barn were purchased for 50 cents a piece to make up the rest of my supplies.

MR Ducks.
I really hope none of my relatives painted this picture, because I slapped a coat of blue paint on it. I cut the ends off the stiles so they were as wide as the inside of the frame. I cut the ends into graduated blocks 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and 2 inches tall.  Everything got painted blue.  Then I used some white paint and some dark blue paint to mix up some just a little bit different color blue.  To stripe the stiles I covered them with massive amounts of painters tape, painted the darker color over the lighter one, and hung them up to dry with cup hooks.

Hung from a string attached to a temporary nail in my rafter.

Remove tape while the paint is still wet!

Then I went about attaching the stiles to the blocks of wood.  I clamped the stiles to the table to prevent them from rolling on me. 

Then I carefully leveled the stiles and screwed them in from the back of the picture. I put the shortest stile/lid bar at the top and the tallest at the bottom.  For good measure I added a spare bit of wood with a bunch of cup hooks to hold utensils. I hung it on an unused wall in my kitchen.  The only way I can get a photo of this actually hung on the wall is to put my camera inside my pantry.  So here it is.  Yes I know the picture is not fabulous.  It's dark in my pantry. 

Yay storage!