Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kitchen Drawer Shadow Boxes

Handy Mandy!  Where have you been?  I've missed you so much last August!
I know, my fellow DIY friend, I have been MIA.  But you know what happens in August?  School. And I am not just a super hero when it comes to slapping a coat of paint on junk and turning it into something totally cool. I am also a super hero who teaches children how to read, write and do 'rithmatic. So I don't have time for a lot of handying around the house in the fall. But I'm back!  And I have a tale to tell.

It all started with me getting a circular saw for Christmas.  (Thanks Santa!) It's green and beautiful, and I couldn't wait to cut stuff up. So I carried it out to my garage, so it could have a place of honor on my work bench.  And this is what I saw.

So I decided to clean up the space a little. First order of business was to hang that mirror that had been waiting patiently since last summer for a place in my back bathroom, and then I thought I'd throw up some shelves for all my paint. So I went to Ace Hardware for some D brackets for the mirror, and while I was out I picked up some remnants from JoAnne's, and then I went to Bart's Barn.  Well, you know how it is with me and Bart's Barn.  Sure I found parts for my shelves.

Total cost $7
And sure I hung me some shelves. 

But I didn't stop there and you know it. I wandered around looking at what they had.  When I got to the cabinet section I noticed that there weren't very many cabinets to be had, but there was a whole mountain of drawers and doors.  Someone had probably gotten their cabinets refaced and abandoned all the doors and drawers that were original to the skeleton. They were like pound puppies or orphans or something.  I couldn't just leave them there. So I picked out a few and brought them home with me. 

They need me!

I took off the hardware and put it in a ziplock baggie with it's screws so I could find them again.

And then it was a matter of sanding, painting, drying and reattaching the hardware.  And I put some contact paper in the drawer to make it pretty. 

Now these aren't going to hold anything particularly heavy, so I threw on some D rings, and strung them together with picture wire. 

Oh come on now.  You know how to do this part.  Hole in the wall, molly bolt in the hole, screw in the molly bolt (not all the way) and hang your new shelves!  


Aren't they so Martha Stewart?  No?  Good. This is turning into the bathroom that the kitchen built.

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